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Liukin, who is 5'4" and 110 pounds, trains 7 hours most days, combining calisthenics, core work, and lots of apparatus-specific drills."I also run six times a week—about 3 miles each time," says Liukin.

“Rest is just as important as working hard—you need a good balance of both.” For more stay-healthy tips from one of the country's top sports doctors, pick up your copy of The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies today! FRIEDMAN Sport: Volleyball It's easy to be distracted by the wonders of Kim Glass's body—those long, muscular legs, that perfectly toned stomach. Women's National Volleyball Team—that means she hits the court 5 days a week from 9 a.m.

But behind this 6'2" athlete's rocking body is a hell of a lot of hard work. to noon during training, and often follows up with afternoon strength or agility sessions.

And in the final, she was flying, her perfect legs a beautiful blur.

Then the unthinkable: The 5’9, 140-pound sprinter’s trailing knee clipped the ninth of 10 hurdles.

The 5'6", 125-pound Californian loves the gym—she can deadlift 250-plus pounds and power clean 150 pounds—but she admits to hating long runs.

"They're the worst, so I train with friends," she says.

She readily admits to being competitive, but don’t try to win her heart by puffing out your chest. “Together, those two qualities show a man’s true character.”PHOTOGRAPH: WOMENSHEALTHMAG. “But when I hit a low point in a workout, I remind myself that I have to push through—I mentally shift from ‘I’m too tired’ to ‘I’ll feel great after a good workout.’” She uses a similar strategy out of the pool.

“The key to staying motivated is to start off every day excited about the tasks ahead, instead of seeing them as a drag,” says Beard.

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PHOTOGRAPH: GETTY IMAGES Sport: Swimming Swimming hundreds of laps can get repetitive.

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