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Importance of validating information

For example, if drawings of a community have been done at the beginning, middle and end of the project, can be analyzed by presenting a series of drawings to a number of individuals and asking them to: Putting the analyzed parts together in a way that tells the complete story can be done by the team that has been assigned to gather and analyze information.

The questions generated before the information was gathered should be reviewed. It is common for people to work very hard planning for the information they need and then, once the information is collected to not look back and renew their understanding of the central issues and key questions.

What kinds of decisions are to be made based on this information?

Too often, valid, reliable, vitally important results are not used.

This is not only a waste of resources (information planning, gathering, and analysis) it also means that important decisions are made without adequate information.

• If necessary, sort information into parts which belong together. Some may be partly analyzed, and some may need analysis.

Tally sheets are useful for summarizing information such as production figures, survival, figures, and nursery sales.

In some instances, the information may just be roughly analyzed to give immediate information, and then stored for future use.

In other cases, it may be more fully analyzed and integrated.

If results are required by others, it must be with the consent of the community.

If a great deal of time is required to prepare results for others, the community may have to be compensated in some way.

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