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Intentional dating

It is time for humanity to wake up to their existence on this planet and be conscious of the effects their speaking and behavior has on the collective.

Imagine a soap bubble floating about the atmosphere. In the instant that you engage with another human being, your bubbles merge into one.

We are all in relationship with Her, therefore a balanced harmonious planet is dependent on healthy relationships.

I wanted someone to be intentional enough with me to not be distracted by the slew of other pretty girls strewn about dating sites and everywhere you look. One of the most attractive things about my boyfriend is the fact that he doesn't have any social media accounts. He never had his phone out when we had a meal, except for once when he was going to google something we were discussing to find the "right answer," but then he stopped and said "No! I'm here with you and I'm putting this away." I fell in love with him again when he said that. Look how he is focused on me and allowing us to learn about each other and fall in love." Where is that intentionality in the rest of the world? I'm hesitant to even use the word "men" because I honestly don't think it applies to the masses.

I didn't want to get married just because literally EVERYONE I KNOW is married or engaged or having babies. Is it possible for me to converse with someone in another city, or state, or country, where 20 years ago I could not? The whole world has opened up and look at the options! When he started talking to me, he stopped talking to other girls. Until we can slow down a bit and focus on being intentional in our mission to get to know someone's heart (and not just their body), dating will only get harder and more isolating.

"I mean I'm just happy that this guy is still around and you haven't booted him out the door yet like you normally do.

He's lasted longer than anyone else since I've known you.

The shared space can become filled with a sense of heaviness to the extent that it is toxic to others, affecting the communal experience.

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Individual leaders of countries at war seem to make choices from a desire for personal satisfaction without considering the consequences to the community whom he shares the land with.

Moving beyond pairs, families and groups who come together for a meal or meeting share one large bubble.

If two individuals of the entity are at odds with each other, that energy is felt in the group.

"Robert makes me feel really safe when he drives, and I don't become an anxiety-ridden maniac like I do with anyone who's a bad driver, so I feel like that's a really great thing," I told Sandy, walking around the block on our afternoon break at work.

"Well it sounds like you can check that box off your list," she smirked as I looked over at her. " I could feel myself getting a little defensive at her tone.

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