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As part of this process a public consultation seminar has been held by each of the sub-groups.

All the working groups have now or are in the process of reporting to the NAPS Inter-departmental Committee.

The Agency is involved in a range of programmes and activities to combat poverty.

The Agency also funds a number of representative national voluntary anti-poverty networks including the Community Workers Co-operative, the European Anti-Poverty Network, the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed, Irish rural Link and the irish Traveller Movement.

STATUS: (Cont'd) The Department of Social Welfare supports local self help and community development initiatives to assist people as individuals and as members of communities develop the confidence and capacity to participate as partners alongside statutory agencies and others in local development initiatives.

Ireland has a widely based approach towards the promotion and achievement of sustainable development; and in particular towards the implementation of the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21.

This approach is reflected in a range of national policy plans/statements and practical measures which together provide a dynamic framework for action across major areas of the economy and within both governmental and non-governmental sectors.

It is now a key component of Government policy and an integral consideration in Ireland's economic development programme for the remainder of the decade, (cf the National Development Plan and Community Support Framework (1994-1999)).

National Sustainable Development Strategy: As part of the further development of Ireland's sustainable development policies the Government is committed to preparing a National Sustainable Development Strategy, and is establishing a cabinet sub-committee to oversee and drive the process.Information Provided by the Government of Ireland to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Fifth Session 7-25 April 1997 New York United Nations Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development Division for Sustainable Development The Information contained in this Country Profile is also available on the World Wide Web, as follows: This country profile has been provided by: Ireland Name of Ministry/Office: Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations Date: 14 March 1997 Submitted by: Conor Murphy, Deputy Permanent Representative Mailing address: 1 Dag Hammarskld Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, N. 10017 Telephone: (212) 421 6934 Telefax: (212) 752 4726 E-mail: Note from the Secretariat: An effort has been made to present all country profiles within a common format, with an equal number of pages.However, where Governments have not provided information for the tables appended to Chapters 4 and 17, those tables have been omitted entirely in order to reduce the overall length of the profile and save paper.This support is available through a range of grant schemes: - The Scheme of Grants for Voluntary organisations is one under which once off grants for equipment, premises and other once off purposes can be made to a range of voluntary and community groups; - The Scheme of grants to Locally-Based Women's Groups, Men's Groups and Lone Parent's Groups is one under which support is provided for groups engaged in personal development, second chance education, skills based training, community development and leadership courses and activities; - The Community Development Programme (CDP) which provides three-year funding towards the staffing and equipping of (currently 80) local resource centres and other community development projects; - The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) funds a network of local projects to tackle the problems of moneylending and overindebtedness. Decision-Making Structure: The Social Welfare Acts are reviewed each year.Other legislation concerned with social housing, health, education and community employment has a legal framework for anti-poverty action. Capacity-Building/Technology Issues: Please refer to the Status Report. Major Groups: The Local Development Programme support, in partnership with local companies, facilitates alleviation of poverty in disadvantaged areas.This involves cooperation with trade unions, employers, farmers etc.In 1993, voluntary support helped the Government establish the National Economic and Social Forum.National Land Use Policy: The Government is also committed to drawing up guidelines for both national policy-makers and planning authorities regarding the location of agricultural, industrial, forestry, aquaculture, and tourism developments. The strategy involves setting out the extent of poverty, an identification of main themes as well as formulating strategic responses for combating poverty in Ireland.In addition, the operation of current planning controls will be improved and amended if necessary in relation to the protection of high quality landscapes especially in tourist/amenity areas. Key National Sustainable Development Coordination Mechanism(s)/Council(s). Environment Policy Unit, Department of the Environment Contact point (Name, Title, Office): Ms. Mandate role of above mechanism/council: The Department of the Environment (Environment Policy Section) has lead responsibility nationally for the implementation of Agenda 21. In 1997, a report, addressing the achievements to date in developing the strategy will be forwarded to the United Nations.In association with this strategy, the government is also committed to working towards a new set of indicators of sustainable economic development which will take account of environmental and social factors. Regional/International Cooperation: No information. STATUS REPORT: Ireland is currently preparing a National Anti-Poverty Strategy (NAPS).It is intended that the National Sustainable Development Strategy will be published in early 1997. NAPS was initiated by the Government after the United Nations Social Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1995.

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