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Yet Dulles is appointed by president Johnson as a Warren Commission member to "investigate" JFK's murder.

' I was laughing hysterically." (Kalantari later got on one knee and popped the question "properly.") Though the couple have yet to even get together on the show, GG tells Us that their romance has been brewing for a long time now — basically since he moved to L. "We became friends right off the bat." PHOTOS: Reality TV's most polarizing personalities Over the years, she continues, they tried to turn that friendship into a relationship, but "it just never seemed to work." "Omid is very mature for his age, but he's still much younger than me and he was enjoying the party-boy lifestyle," GG explains to Us of her 26-year-old fiance.

"But one thing he and I could never deny was our extreme connection and attraction for each other. I'm truly looking forward to everything the future holds for us.

Well, it's a good thing that Laura Govan isn't returning to Basketball Wives: L. because breaking the law doesn't make for a good story line!

Oh wait, this is VH1, so yes, yes, it probably does! Radar Online is reporting that one time BBW: LA fixture was served with a lawsuit back in November by G & G Closed Circuit Events.

The last paragraph states that the "the substance of the foregoing information was orally furnished to us and George Bush of the Central Intelligence agency".

Here we have the name of George Bush mentioned as a CIA official in direct connection to the Kennedy assassination. Bush was appointed CIA director by president and former Warren Commission member Gerald Ford at the exact time that newly erected investigative committees were probing the possible role of the CIA into the assassination plots to kill Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King and John F. Bush appoints his old friend from JM / Wave and the Bay of Pigs, Theodore Shackley, as his deputy director for Special Operations, the CIA's most important division. Bill Lord was a fellow marine and roommate of Lee Harvey Oswald on a ship voyage to France. Bush failed to disclose his friendship with George De Mohrenschildt, a renowned oil geologist and Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend in Dallas.Marian Antoni Andrzej Chrapowicki was the son of Ignacy Antoni Chrapowicki b. 1893; grandson of Eustachy Chrapowicki / Chrapovickis junior b. Eustachy Chrapowicki junior was the son of named above Jzef Chrapowicki 1750 - 1812 and Magdalena Ogińska b. unknown Teplow, and Dymitr Chrapowicki born ca 1840.1760, daughter of Jzef Ogiński and Apolonija WYHOWSKA - Oginskiene]; Michał / MICHAL CHRAPOWICKI, Marshal of the province of Vitebsk , who married to Countess Lidia Apraksin born 1820. JOZEF Chrapowicki was Major General; the member of Smolensk, and the Polotsk Province to the election of King Stanisław August. Jzef Chrapowicki was the official in Mścisław in 1784; inf. He married in 1791 to Helena Suffczynska, childless.Laura was just slapped with a lawsuit which alleges she violated federal law. Meanwhile her former cast mate Malaysia Pargo is dishing on the upcoming season…and comparing it to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. I guess it's time for us to board the Stevie J. The company claims that Laura's bar, Kimball's Carnival, made money off a boxing match it broadcast unlawfully.The complaint alleges, is seeking a 0,000 judgment and attorneys' fees claiming that Laura and her bar violated federal law and harmed its business by not paying the proper licensing fee for the match and then airing it to patrons.), while in Miami you see the same old relationships grow and change each season.Malaysia promises to mind her own business this season and stop trying to always play peacemaker.If you can't tell already, he's smoking hot! I will always cherish the man that he is." Tell Us: Do you think GG and Omid make a good couple?" PHOTOS: Stars who got married in 2012 "He understands me on a very unexplainable level," she adds. He comes from a very good family, and they exude class. "I turned around and he was right there," she recalls."Then he asked the infamous question: ' You wanna do this or what? "Omid and I met through mutual friends…and I immediately fell in love with his personality," she says.

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