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Is jenna jamison dating tito ortiz

"I speak from my heart, I hold everything dear to my heart that Jenna will be okay." SLIDESHOW: Jenna Jameson's Transformation From Porn Queen to Mom of Two.Matthews also claimed that Jameson's family have now sided with Tito since learning his side of the story, and are well aware of her alleged drug problems that they tried for so long to keep this out of the public eye.There’s a “50-50 chance” Larry King’s divorce is not happening, and King said he’d be in the audience to cheer Shawn on when she performs with Willie Nelson at Radio City in July.

Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend, Ultimate Fighting champ Tito Ortiz, was arrested for beating up the porn queen.

Ortiz says he didn’t hit her, and that she’s an Oxy Contin addict, which is why the whole trouble started in the first place.

They want nothing more than to work together on this." It is unclear if Ortiz and Jameson's children are with their mother, however Matthews assured us that they are "well taken care of".

Ortiz remained quiet for most of the conference and was unable to directly answer questions due to the ongoing criminal investigation surrounding the incident.

The 42-year-old former porn star was joined by fiance and daddy-to-be Lior Bitton.

Is jenna jamison dating tito ortiz

Jenna looked cosy in a fitted grey tracksuit that highlighted baby number three's progress, who is not due for another four months.

For Tito and her family this has been an uphill battle.

Unfortunately this morning she had a relapse," attorney Chip Matthews said.

Matthews also reinforced numerous times that Ortiz never ever laid a hand on Jameson.

"It means the world to me, my friends and family for their support.

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