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The categories from this site are listed in alphabetical order as you scroll down the page.

You can also jump to any specific category of emoticon using the links in the main menu of this site.

These emoticons are also sometimes called emojicons, dongers, facemarks or smilies.

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Well, that’s not important considering none of these are actually alive and have real feelings… You’ll find all kinds of kaomoji with varying levels of anger.

If you meet a hot American girl in New York, your approach should be different when trying to date a beautiful Iranian girl in Tehran.

Try cheating with someone's wife in rural Bangladesh and you'll get our point.

These emoji emoticons are angry and facing towards the left because that is where their anger is being directed.

Rely on the facial expression to get across how angry you are, because emotes that are angry towards the left can be anywhere from enraged to mildly upset.

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