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In one scene, after being shunned by a saucy meter maid, she imagines a series of pictures showing Lola as a dominatrix, getting her revenge on the suddenly submissive meter maid.

These sequences are among the very best in the film — they’re funny, campy and wildly imaginative.

There is also plenty of “from the couch” footage taken of the various characters talking about their feelings, their sex lives and their relationships, all under the guise of being in therapy.

Finally, Lola’s inner thoughts are presented via photographic montages (she is a photographer, after all), with great comic effect.

They say it's because I'm too shy and not so outgoing, and that that is part of why they dump me. And probably because I get "afraid" and very nervous everytime they get close to me, or touch me or even look at me. I did try to have sex with one girl when I was 16, but that was terrifying and I felt horrible after.

And everywhere I read, in books and on the internet it says its because of a trama I'v had in the past or something to do with my parents or something like that, but its not.

Thank you very much for reading this letter.- Annica (and yes, you can call me that if you descide to have me on WYP) :)I'm a 27 year old Veteran of the Iraq war.

I've been back for 2 years, and was recently almost recalled in the reserves.

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Lola (Sumner) is a laid back photographer who’s on the verge of a romantic breakthrough with her new girlfriend, Casey (Bennett), who is the straitlaced Bert to Lola’s Ernie.

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