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Many Russian bands and singers have passed through his hands and ears.At the end of 2014, Leonid decided to give himself a gift to celebrate his retirement by recording a cover version of Chicago’s song Brand New Love Affair.Among many dating sites, Karaoke Date is the one that ideally offers many facilities and chances to people so that they can find their suitable match online.

He had been working in various bands as a bass player and a singer when in 1989 he chose studio operations as his main interest and began a career as a record-mix engineer and sound producer.

He has been working as a music producer, sound engineer, composer, and musician for about 30 years.

Keyboards/Backing Vocals Vlad is a graduate of the Ufa Institute of Arts as a choir conductor.

He has also served as laureate of international jazz festivals in Russia.

Since then Leonid & Friends has recorded videos of other Chicago hits including Make Me Smile, 25 or 6 to 4, and Saturday In The Park.

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The process of getting each tune just right is a painstaking labor of love.

Vocals/Guitar A graduate of the Irkutsk College of the Arts and Institute of Contemporary Art.

Vasily has won several international music competitions.

Drums Recognized as one of the best drummers in Russia, Igor has vast experience in live performances and session work.

He has collaborated with musicians in Russia and from various foreign countries.

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