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Njauwhat do we really know about the sun-climate connection? Mashnichlong-period cycles of the suns activity recorded in direct solar dataand proxies(solar physics, volume 211, issue 1-2, december 2002)- m.

Reida verification of uk gale forecasts by the solar weather technique:october 1995-september 1997(journal of atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics, volume 63,issue 1, pp. Currieevidence for luni - solar mn and solar cycle sc signals in australianrainfall data(international journal of climatology, volume 16, issue 11, pp.

Ollilaeffects of cosmic ray decreases on cloud microphysics (pdf)(atmospheric chemistry and physics discussions, volume 12, issue 2,pp. Knivetonatmospheric transparency changes associated with solar wind-inducedatmospheric electricity variations(journal of atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics, volume 66,issues 13-14, pp.

Westimprint of galactic dynamics on earths climate(astronomical notes, volume 327, issue 9, pp.

Georgievamanifestation of the long-term variations in solar activity and theirrelation to the 210-year solar cycle(geomagnetism and aeronomy, volume 42, number 2, pp. Yungin defense of milankovitch (pdf)(geophysical research letters, volume 33, number 24, december 2006)-gerard roesolar variability over the past several millennia (pdf)(space science reviews, volume 125, issue 1-4, pp.

Williamsburg golf dating, williamsburg golf singles. Nathanestimated solar contribution to the global surface warming using theacrim tsi satellite composite (pdf)(geophysical research letters, volume 32, number 18, september 2005)-nicola scafetta, bruce j.

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Gladyshevaprecipitation, cloud cover and forbush decreases in galactic cosmicrays(journal of atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics, volume 66,issues 13-14, pp.

Butlerorbital controls on the el nino/southern oscillation and the tropicalclimate(paleoceanography, volume 14, number 4, pp.

Crawfordpacific bidecadal climate variability regulated by tidal mixing aroundthe kuril islands(geophysical research letters, volume 35, issue 14, july 2008)-hiroyasu hasumi, ichiro yasuda, hiroaki tatebe, masahide kimotolunar nodal tide effects on variability of sea level, temperature, and salinity in the faroe-shetland channel and the barents sea(deep sea research part i, volume 55, issue 10, pp.

What are the most popular dating apps/websites in berlin? Obriendeterministic signals in precipitation in arkansas, louisiana, andmississippi(pure and applied geophysics, volume 137, issue 3, pp.

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