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You do not have to bear your soul—the point is to join in and have fun.

I am not saying this is a way to build a long-term relationship and foster a connection, but it is certainly a learning lesson with regard to how important it is to be comfortable, lighthearted, and have fun!

Your mood will determine whether you have fun playing something such as this.

Never Have I Ever is a good icebreaker if you’ve just met someone and want to get to know them better, and a fun way to get even closer to someone you already know.

You can find out all sorts of wild, embarrassing stories that might shock you (for example, your straight laced best friend might have had a wild past snorting drugs on top of a cop car.

This ranges from personal topics like cheating on someone you love to dancing naked in front of a mirror to getting the stomach flu (my own personal worst nightmare).

You can play it safe and mention something like, “Never have I ever gone to Hawaii” as well.

It’s something lighthearted, not serious and heavy. heated something up in the microwave and forgot about it …

Don’t take things personally and don’t put too much thought into it.

If all their fingers are down it means the person is out of the game.

The “winner” is the person who has fingers up at end of game.

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