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In Madagascar’s case, the formalization of land rights will reduce disputes and encourage farmers to cultivate land and grow more food, thanks to the added security provided by the reforms.

Rabenandrasana’s certification has enabled her to obtain a loan from a microfinance institution, using the certificate as collateral.

Clear and transparent management of land rights is a prerequisite for political stability and economic recovery,” she adds.

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Here’s a recent address for the Antananarivo Mission.The objective, Teyssier explains, was “to expand property rights to as many people as possible through a joint effort to reduce the cost of land certification, while boosting local tax revenue, by making a systematic survey of all the land lots in each village.” During the survey, each resident in the five districts had the option to buy a certificate at a cost of US each.In seven months, more than 23,000 land certificates were issued, reflecting the interest in this simple and relatively inexpensive process.Protecting investments Bako Rabenandrasana is one of the village farmers who obtained a certificate through this pilot project. “Although the [initial] cost is lower, once the certificate is issued, land taxes have to be paid.However, the local authorities explained that the taxes would not be too high.“But now,” he says, “I’m afraid that unscrupulous people will come and take my land from me.That’s why I don’t want to risk planting crops in my fields.” Rakoto’s fears come from the fact that the little piece of paper he signed a few years ago has no legal validity.This dysfunctional land system has hobbled Madagascar’s economic development, with farmers such as Rakoto choosing not to make the most of their land for fear of losing their property rights.“Some twenty years ago, I began the necessary steps to obtain a land title,” says Bako Rabenandrasana, a farmer from the small town of Behenjy.To obtain this title, he added, an owner had to wait six years on average and spend around US0, an astronomical sum considering that it amounts to two years’ income for the average Malagasy household.As a result, of the nearly 10 million land lots identified on this Indian Ocean island, one of the poorest countries in the world, only 500,000 were registered over the last 115 years.

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