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28/Jan/2014: IFME released with support several font format for attachment, which is Open Type Font and Web Open Font Format, however also updated to latest x265 commit!

x265 (0.7 59-def14c0234f5) 10bit getting faster also updated to latest Opus encoder and become default encoder for MKV (for new installation), IFME also get fixed several bug, now getting stable!with feature that console log can be save by pressing CTRL S, found any possible glitch, input file validation, just read Change-log. Where Audio mode for Compile and Multiple stream has been fix! 19/Jul/2014: Version has been release, if you using, I suggest download manually, because updater got issue! 3 new language and Japanese language has been corrected. 17/Jul/2014: It may sound lame, Subtitle and Attachment have issue where video cannot encoded, also French Translation will be included on next update with fixed Subtitle/Attachment...16/Jul/2014: I Happy to announce that IFME 4.0 has been released!I google around and found IFME come with so many error, that old story, this new IFME!so I fix it, 2 new build-in addons will ship in next version! I will give a download link, got issue or problem, just ask! 02/Aug/2014: Edit some this web page, add license links and url stuff.In another news, I developing IFME Distribution, this allow you to encode video over network, for example, setup 2 encode server let these 2 server encode your video, this solve the encoding time by parallel it.01/Apr/2015: Today I releasing IFME with several bug fix, however, if you face a problem, please contact me via Facebook Page or Git Hub, so I can improve and give temporary patch file :) 25/Mar/2015: Thanks to darrenliew96 for providing Traditional Chinese, also Next month IFME 4.9.4 will release, I don't know exact date, but I try!23/Feb/2014: Long time no update, it seem IFME stable for *now*, However, latest IFME updated to latest x265 encoder (0.7 289-734f106295df).06/Feb/2014: Sorry for delay making update, due x265 code problem that prevent from compiling.Proceed to download :)Also support IFME on Steam Greenlight for future development!06/Sep/2015: Due to many request, soon IFME will available for 32 bit OS :) 07/Aug/2015: You can reach me at Facebook, Twitter and Git Hub, all development update will publish on facebook, since this was a static HTML. Long time no update, since this a static HTML page :) I have something to tell you all that IFME Go (v5) is here, still in alpha stage, but much improved then previous version, since I rewrite new code, however, you all can get pre-release/alpha version here 09/May/2015: APC74 provide MP3 encoder for IFME, now you can encode into MP3 for MP3 lovers :) 01/May/2015: Any-time soon IFME 4.10 will be released, also IFME 5.x also start develop, I hope this will be much better then before!

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