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The researchers go on to put forward several several policy changes that could help governments and councils make their citizens happier, including providing more libraries and volunteering opportunities.

When they analysed the 1930s happiness accounts the team found the top three themes to emerge as being connected with happiness were 'contentment/peace of mind', 'family and home' and 'other people'.'Contentment' and 'peace of mind' meant having 'enough' rather than seeking wealth.'Family and home' was seen as happy marriages, healthy children and a place for repose.'Other people' meant giving to and helping others less fortunate than themselves.

They recommend focussing more on activities we enjoy to better our satisfaction with life.

They also suggest regular exercise and helping other people as good routes to a happy life.

Study lead author Sandie Mc Hugh said: 'These shared values helped the community get by before the NHS and the welfare state.'Their pleasure time, what we would call leisure, was in the town and in the Lancashire seaside resorts, principally Blackpool.

In 1938 leisure was often centred in their workplace or the local pub, Mrs Mc Hugh said.

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