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Online dating tragedies

There are dangers associated with the increasing capabilities of smartphones and all the public information available, like cyberbullying orinappropriate content going viral, to be seen by your peers, boss, teachers and/or future employers.

I will not post anything rude, offensive or threatening.

I will not send or forward images and information that might embarrass, hurt or harass someone.

She said she has been pushed by her parents to get married.

The guideline just brings more pressure and makes her think of herself as a loser, she said.

And, once the images are out there, erasing them is nearly impossible.

I agree not to post information and images that could put me at risk, embarrass me or damage my future, such as cell and home phone numbers, home address, sexual messages and inappropriate pictures or videos.A US study shows that 41% of teens and young adults have electronically sent sexually explicit images.Once these pictures are out of your hands, they can be spread everywhere, around your school, in your city, even across the globe in a very short time."It's a common need of young adults and a big issue in life to fall in love and get married," the guideline said."The work related to young adults' love and marriage will not only affect their healthy development but is also related to social stability and harmony." Vowing to promote trustworthy matchmaking services that will meet the diversified needs of young adults by mobilizing nongovernmental bodies and social forces, the guideline also said "there should be more channels for them to voice their needs and comment" in matchmaking services.Published in April, it was the first 10-year development plan for youth, defined in the plan as those aged from 14 to 35. He Junke, a senior official of the CYL Central Committee, said in May that youth organizations, including the CYL, will help young adults tie the knot.While many netizens gave the government a thumbs-up for its high-profile attention to young people, some say the guideline is depressing.I will not take anyone’s personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation.If someone makes me feel uncomfortable or if someone is rude or offensive, I will not respond.Note: Browsers with 1024*768 or higher resolution are suggested for this site.Well, well, well, twice in one month we're talking college football on our relationships blog.

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