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Travelers, though, should ask for a Cuba Libre and expect their drink to include a splash of lime juice.

A sweeter variation is a Midas, where the coke is replaced with cream soda.

The drink of choice for Don Draper, the main character of popular TV series Mad Men, the exposure revitalized interest in this centuries-old concoction.

This was cause for a minor diplomatic kerfuffle when President Bill Clinton traveled to the United Kingdom and ordered one at a North Yorkshire pub.

While no one is quite sure when whiskey was first produced, there is evidence of it in Mesopotamia dating back to 2,000 BC.

Monastic records from the 13th century also show that monks made whiskey and used it medicinally, for ailments ranging from smallpox to colic.

Celebrity influence by the 1960s Hollywood Rat Pack brought it to even more wide-spread popularity.

In many English-speaking countries, a rum and coke is served over ice with a lime wedge.

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