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I'm a laid back gal with an awesome sense of humor. I'm currently at Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville, TN.

I love to work out, do hair, and write poems in my free time.

This isn’t a dating site, but a prison pen pal site looking for writers.

In March 1 2005, started to accept semi-nude pictures for its profiles. They are very lonely and need someone to help them through the time.

The site presented a disclaimer warning viewers that it’s not responsible for pictures of prisoners exposing their breasts or lounging in G-string bikinis, they stated: None of what you will see on the site is hard core, it’s all softcore. Posting a sexy photo helps a great deal.’ “I think it reflects poorly of our entire industry” says Adam Lovell, owner of

But are too many people associating these pen pal websites with dating profiles?

They’ve got their name, age, sexuality preferences, religious beliefs and they are asking for you to get in touch.

According to a statement released by Attorney General Jay Nixon, 33 women under suspicion deposited $291,860 (approximately £194,353) into their inmate bank account whilst in prison.

Write a Prisoner are in the minority of prison pen pal sites that now insist on vetting the photos before publishing.From here the motivations of different sites start to show, and many have since been criticised for the sexualisation of prisoners in their pen friend profiles.In some cases provocative language is apparent in some pen pal sites such as,, and the no longer in action Men between the ages of 35 - 55 with a cocky ego and lots of confidence - has a bad boy attitude when needed but can be a really good boy when he wants to earn those "brownie points". My name is Cindy and I am looking for someone that I can openly communicate with. I am looking to make new friends or possibly more that we can grow together and explore the world with one another. Prisoners are told explicitly in the site’s brochures never to seek romance in their profile.“We actually did a little study on this internally and we found inmates who seek romance in their profile are way less likely to receive mail than somebody who is just seeking for friendship.” However the profile photos of inmates across all sites have caused quite a stir.“We are most effective in dropping the recidivating population.” “We get more traffic in a day than [other pen pal sites] do in a month and we’ve done that by providing a service that we said we would, and also by branching off into the humanitarian aspects of the prison world.” The humanitarian projects Adam refers to include scholarships for those impacted by crime, educational and housing profiles.This naturally has gained a lot of media attention with the site featured on shows like E!True Hollywood Story but this had lead to an increase in the myth that prison pen pal sites can lead to finding love.It’s not even just those on the outside of prison walls, inmates are absorbing these false ideals and having their hopes of finding love unfairly teased.

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