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Finally you'll be able to get yourself sex robot that can also do housework. via GIPHY Sergio Santos, who recently made headlines with his super advanced, AI-type doll 'Samantha' told LADbible that in the future 'many people will shun human romances in favour of realtionships with robots'. "So I'm hoping to drive the conversation and get people speaking about it, to make it more 'normal'." Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible.

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  • Sex with ROBOTS could replace intimate human relationships within.

    Jun 30, 2016. Sex with robots could soon replace human intimate relationships according to a recent report. It. +6. Speaking to MailOnline, he said 'It seems that when these machines do act in ways just like adults, where they can interact and talk in real-time, robots will become the perfect companion. 'We have got to.…