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Zada swindled the money by pretending to be a rich and successful businessman with ties to Saudi Arabian oil ventures.

Zada told potential investors that he could quickly turn investments into large profits.

The families of Fedorov and Kournikova were friends, and the two athletes found common ground as star athletes when she was 15.

When I go to New York this year, I'll be 17, and I've been told that's the legal age there. At this year's Open, I'll have five boyfriends.  Fedorov told ESPN in 2005 that his relationship with Kournikova was a friendship for quite a while. And then there was some.“We spent quite a few days together.

"Women tennis players had quite often been objectified or seen as sex symbols in a way that overtook what they were actually doing -- but I feel like at that time it really went up a notch," said PR and marketing consultant for pro athletes David Skilling, in a recent interview with CNN.

“And I don't think that was necessarily Anna's fault.

Federal documents show that Zada was also found not guilty on one count of making a false statement on a loan.

Fedorov ,45, won three Stanley Cups and a Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player while a Red Wing from 1990-2003.

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