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Gaze-triggered orienting as a tool of the belongingness self-regulation system. E., Smith, T., Klein, M., Lysne, C., Crow, S., Strauman, T., & Simonich, H. Examining the conceptual model of integrative cognitive-affective therapy for BN: Two assessment studies.

Dispositional properties of metaphor: The predictive power of the sweet taste metaphor for trait and daily prosociality.

Of tooth and claw: Predator self-identifications mediate gender differences in interpersonal arrogance.

Krishnakumar, S., Perera, B., Hopkins, K., & Robinson, M.

Conflict is key: Stroop task performance predicts daily self-control, but only as a function of stress. On being nice and smart: Work-related emotional intelligence predicts prosocial problem-solving.

The path to God is through the heart: Metaphoric self-location as a robust predictor of religiosity.

On feeling warm and being warm: Daily perceptions of physical warmth fluctuate with interpersonal warmth.

: Our lab studies cognition/affect relationships across a diversity of topic areas such as personality, self-regulation, automaticity, subjective well-being, and aggression.

The work takes place at the intersection of personality, social, and cognitive psychology and generally concerns affective outcomes. Five questions about emotion: Implications for social-personality psychology.

Metaphor research in social-personality psychology: The road ahead.

Responsiveness to the negative affect system as a function of emotion perception: Relations between affect and sociability in three daily diary studies.

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