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As a union representative for two different locals over the years, she said, she helped corrections employees in numerous harassment cases, and saw only one complaint end with significant discipline.She said it seemed many managers weren't taking complaints seriously, while others lashed out in response.Sources say managers and union leaders often downplayed the risk to the women, saying it was just guys killing time and nothing to worry about.

Over the last several years, prosecutions have increased significantly of individuals who use a computer in the privacy of their own homes for committing alleged Internet sex crimes.

By engaging in Internet "stings" in chat rooms and on social networking sites, law enforcement agencies attempt to lure otherwise law abiding individuals into inappropriate conversations with a purported "minor." These contacts often form the basis of an accosting and/or solicitation of a minor offense.

Any individual who visits an Internet chat room or social networking site, or downloads and/or shares images with others should be mindful that all Internet conversations are potential evidence of criminal conduct, even seemingly innocent ones.

Internet sex offenses are serious felonies that carry severe penalties, which may include sex offender registration and lengthy prison time.

"I know that the commissioner in corrections absolutely wants this to stop.

I think the disconnect is between him and the front line," Fitzpatrick told CBC.

"So for you to say ' I was kidding,' or it's part of our culture, or 'it's not something I meant,' isn't actually a reasonable defence for harassment."He said casual harassment, without fear of consequences, can often be the most damaging.

King believes the fact that some employees felt they had no other choice but to report through the media, is telling — when coupled with the high percentage of reporting rates on the anonymous employee survey."To me that's really indicative of a culture of fear, a culture where people don't feel they are protected from retaliation," he said.

(Michelle Bellefontaine/CBC News )"Are the managers and supervisors evaluated on their ability to create environments that are free from harassment? "And if they're not evaluated on those things, what is their incentive to create an environment that's free from harassment?

"In the recent example at the Edmonton prison, the female guards who were mentioned in a sexually graphic way during the phone conversations were not within earshot to hear the comments.

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