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'I thought he was reliable but he was all froth and no beer.' All over him / her like a rash - Someone who can't keep their hands to themselves. He was all over her like a rash.' All over red rover - Something that has been ended. 'The dog ran out and he slammed on the anchors.' Angle of the dangle - Whether a man has an erection. 'Bruce has a load of ankle biters to look after.' Ante up - to pay back a debt. 'Hey Bill, time to pony up you know.' Ants pants - Similar to the bees knees. 'Rachel thinks she is the ants pants.' Any tick of the clock - Something about to happen in the immediate future. 'I'm off to the footy this arvo.' Aussie (Ozzie) - Australian. - Said when you haven't understood something properly. 'Then the siren went and it was all over red rover.' All over the place like a mad woman's breakfast - Chaotic. 'Wait and see, he'll be here any tick of the clock.' ANZAC - Stands for, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. 'The boss went apeshit when I arrived late.' Apples (she'll be) - It will be all right. 'There was some argie bargie at the football match.' Argue the toss - Vehemently question a decision. Aussie battler - Someone who works hard but never gets anywhere. ) Aussie salute (the great) - Waving away the flies from your face. 'Look at him sitting there, he's away with the pixies.' Awning over the toy shop - A man's beer belly.

Boozer - Pub, hotel or a person who drinks too much.

Hence the expression 'Beyond the black stump.' Bleeder - Uncomplimentary term for a man.

Black stump - A mythical place that signifies the end of civilisation. 'The tree was so big even Blind Freddy couldn't have missed seeing it.' Bloke - Man. Blood's worth bottling - Refers to someone who has admirable qualities.

Someone who can't resist shoving their version of 'the truth' down other people's throats.

Bike (the town) - Woman with no morals who has sex with anyone.

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