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"Stacey said the women who joined them in the bedroom were a good time: "We were all in it together and it was very lovely."As Howard went through Stacey's sexual resume--including Larry King, Treat Williams, Tim Matheson and Rolling Stones bass player, Bill Wyman--Stacey shrugged: "I had a lot of fun in LA...I was a little loose, I guess."Her kindest words were reserved for Sean Penn ("I liked him a lot but I was not edgy enough for him.") and Warren Beatty: "Warren was great. I really don't."Stacey said she met Woody at a casting: "We talked a lot.

While the allegations against Woody have been discussed for years it wasn’t until yesterday that Dylan chose to speak out on her own behalf in an open letter to The New York Times.

When Woody Allen won a Golden Globe a few weeks ago for his latest film, Blue Jasmine it took only a matter of minutes for the backlash to begin.

Ronan Farrow tweeted his disgust at Woody’s professional life still being praised and rewarded when his personal life has decades full of accusations of deviant behavior.

For those without calculators, that's a 25 year age difference!

Uuhh, doesn't that also mean they got together when she was a minor?

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