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However hard the wind whales on the sail, the Wind Rider keeps its secure wide-legged stance, like a huge, sci-fi water spider.

I, for one, am jazzed by the authentic presence of the boom vang and the mainsail Cunningham, arcane controls that allow the master sailor to flatten or belly-out the sail. The Pico also has an optional, clip-on jib (0), which adds 12 square feet of sail to the mainsail's 64, and I do find occasion to dink with the trim.

For all its stability, you obviously give up potential speed.

In all, the 11.5-foot Captiva is perfect for autodidacts who want to teach themselves sailing, parents who want to teach their kids, or anybody who prizes the essentials.

Escape Captiva One look at this boat's screaming yellow plastic hull in the water, and you can't help but have kiddie bathtub flashbacks — Rubber Ducky lives! With 20 knots of wind, the Captiva (,200) puts its leeward shoulder into the bay, the hull growls like a rottweiler, and the bow bashes the waves to pieces.

It doesn't try to capsize, though, and it gives a feeling of security I've never known aboard a dinghy.

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