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“Those are great attributes but we thought it was more appropriate to match soulmates with similar interests, traits, characteristics, or passions that we call “kwinks”.

All of the gloom and doom scenarios, which have emerged and appear to be culminating in the near future, have created a real interest in many different cultural circles and life styles.

Some have started to stockpile water and or dehydrated food.

Dig deep, find who you truly are and connect with others that share your lifestyle, passion or defining trait... A deeper connection can be made when you match with others that have the same kwink.

Sure, you may have multiple Kwinks but try to find the strongest one first.

Survivalist Prepper Dating Survivalist Prepper Dating Survival food would you should definitely to not starve or go through bad times trying to get food if at all not existing. Be ready so when bad times strike you wont suffer and feel internal light cant consider the situation.

Being ready is the only way so be a man now before it is too end of the.

But when you live in rural boonhick cornfield country, where am I supposed to meet somebody? It would also create a public scandal that could make us survivalists look bad.

I can certainly understand that belief, when you live in or near the Big City. That would require he stay sober long enough to remember my name. But when you live in rural boonhick cornfield country, where am I supposed to meet somebody? If there is anything to facilitate sex between members, and allows underaged girls (under the age of 18), then the site is in violation of federal law, and the owners can get thrown into jail.

“The website was developed around various communities based upon the different kwinks.

The survivalist and doomsday prepper movement created a perfect fit for a dating community. There is definitely a hightened excitement in this area,” said Peters.

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