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Child choristers receive pocket money based on their progress and also payment for singing at Saturday weddings.

Husbands can truly care for their wives by helping with children, taking them out for dinners when she doesn’t feel like cooking, checking if she’s okay intermittently through the day. Intellectual High – There are so many women who have affairs within their office or with men in creative fields.

If a man takes control of looking after her, he will have her heart.

This means that population-wise, for every 1,000 men in the country there are 943 women.

Hence, it's only logical that the judicial system will make laws that would support the women in every possible way against injustice.

Barely two years after it was slammed by “An Autobiography of a Nun” that catalogued the lurid details of bullying, sexual abuse and homosexuality,”the Catholic Church in Kerala is set for another attack by a former nun.

Sixty-eight-year-old Sister Mary, who left her Catholic congregation in Kerala 13 years ago in disgust after 40 years of nunhood, is ready with her exposé.

Author, script writer, assistant director, relationship expert and a doting mother.

She is the bestselling author of six novels with her seventh release this month called Forbidden Desires (available at OIe).

And if this man finds her interesting too, then she feels she’s matched to his creative energy and an affair happens.

No matter how dull the day was, it’s important for a husband to share it with his wife and always listen to her positively about her day as well. Money & Power – Several men like being in middle management.

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