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Disgusting little girl.'The New York-based blog Gawker also slammed Ms Tequila's 'obvious attempts to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the death of a person she has known only since early December,' adding: 'Tila is either extraordinarily unwell herself or the most desperate attention-starved slug that the Celebrity Industrial Complex has ever spewed forth from its cogs.'Ms Johnson, 30, an heiress to the £110bn Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical empire, was found dead in her West Hollywood home by a housekeeper on Monday.

Sources say the 30-year-old socialite's life had been spiralling out of control amid a series of drunken binges and erratic behaviour.

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She had reportedly refused many offers to go into rehab for drug abuse leading her billionaire father, Robert, to cut her out of a trust fund.

Last month, her mother, Sale, took custody of a three-year-old girl that Miss Johnson had adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007.

When Johnson died, Tequila said she was “out of town 2 meet my Brother. ” Casey Johnson’s former girlfriend, Courtenay Semel, blasted Tila Tequila for allegedly using Johnson’s death for publicity.

“The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. “Casey is the love of my life and she’s gone,” Semel said.

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