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U th dating on calcite

Kabbala was also the capital of , part of which used to belong to the above mentioned ancient kingdom of Manna. URuk: the first urban city Sumerian city of Uruk is one of the oldest cities in the world, located northwest of Ur.Uruk’s time of foundation is 4 century) is ultimately of Sumerian origin, as Uruk was the Akkadian name for the Sumerian city of Urug, containing the Sumerian word for “city”, UR. Uruk went through several phases of growth, from the Early Uruk period (4000 – 3500 BCE) to the Late Uruk period (3500 – 3100 BCE).In the older books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), the angels (of God) are mentioned without names.

The procession went through the famous Ishtar Gates.

See carries on the ancient event, but with new meaning.

The literal translation of term “Babylon” is “The Gates of Gods” that might refer to the Nibiruans.

The main celebration of Sumer and Babylon was the New Year, initially symbolizing arrival of Nibiruans to Earth.

He is considered to be a native speaker of Old Avestan that is closely related to Vedic Sanskrit, the oldest preserved Indo-Aryan language.

Zoroaster’s exact birthplace and dating are uncertain as there is no scholarly consensus.

Understandably, around the Caspian Sea / Lake are united religions which have had a key influence on the modern world: Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

The first had a remarkable influence on the other described religions. Their common forefather Abraham was born in the city of UR.

In Sanskrit, sa URa means: solar, celestial, divine, relating or belonging or sacred to or coming from the Sun or the god . The word “heaven” from the Greek New Testament language is the same word for heaven (sky) and the planet URanus.

The New Age or cycle that the Earth is now entering is called the Age of Aquarius.

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