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I am either putting my energies into this relationship or I am investigating him – I can’t do both.”The truth was not disclosed to her by him.

Instead she and her friends found out through their own detective work and a chance discovery.

The fake persona he chose was that of a long-haired, tattooed professional climber by the name of Mark Stone.

Among campaigners, he earned the nickname “Flash” as he always seemed to have a lot of money.

They established that he was Mark Kennedy, an undercover policeman who had been sent to spy on her circle of activist friends.

For seven years, he had adopted a fake persona to infiltrate environmental groups.

“No amount of money or ‘sorry’ will make up for the lack of answers about the extent to which I was spied upon in every aspect of my most personal and intimate moments,” she says.

Kennedy first infiltrated a group of environmental campaigners in Nottingham in 2003.

Only now, five years later, does she feel ready to describe how she has been devastated by the deception.

She speaks eloquently, though the pain is still evident.

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The most traumatising time of Lisa Jones’s life began when she agonised for months over the true identity of her boyfriend.

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