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In September, the Director of OSN convened a panel of military families with special needs to provide input on their experiences, successes, and challenges.The panel resulted in a list of action steps to improve services which include increasing awareness and communication about the EFMP, ensuring the consistency of available resources across the Services, and improving the availability of medical and respite services.

If you are already enrolled in the EFMP, let us know how it has helped you and your family.

Our military families serve, too, and we owe it to them to provide the support and resources they need.

The Military Community and Family Policy Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs (OSN) is always exploring new ways to improve the experience of military families through technology, improved support resources, and access to important information.

The EFMP mobile website allows military families to access enrollment forms, resources, podcasts, and an EFMP locator from any mobile device with an Internet connection.

The EFMP also provides access to respite care to provide caregivers with an opportunity to rest and reenergize.

Moreover, the EFMP allows service members to focus on their military mission by assuring them that their families are being taken care of.It can take 6-9 months months to identify and access medical, special education and other services in a new state.The EFMP Family Case Worker can provide families with applicable local and state information and can help families find and utilize the local, state, and federal programs and organizations that assist and support families with special needs.Families can find timely articles, resources, and tips through the “The Exceptional Advocate,” a monthly electronic newsletter can arrive in your Inbox the first week of every month.In addition, The Special Needs Parent Tool Kit and The Special Care Organization Record (SCOR) for Children and the SCOR for Adults have been recently updated.In fact, EFMP enrollment can be a great comfort to a Service member as it can instill confidence that their family’s special needs are being addressed, which can allow them to focus fully on the mission and the important tasks at hand.The program is designed to support your continued work in the military—not to hinder you in any way.The EFMP offers many great benefits that can help address the challenges that can come with having a family member with special medical or educational needs.Families can receive assistance with managing appointments, answering questions, and navigating confusing medical and educational systems.Early enrollment in the EFMP is the Marine’s guarantee that the Marine Corps will do its best to match a Marine’s grade and occupational specialty with a location where the exceptional family member’s needs can be met.However, there are other services that the EFMP offers and are designed to improve the quality of life Marine Corps families with special needs.

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