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Validating phone number php

-Adam After reading through these answers, it looks like there wasn't a straightforward regular expression that can parse through a bunch of text and pull out phone numbers in any format (including international with and without the plus sign).

Here's what I used for a client project recently, where we had to convert all phone numbers in any format to tel: links.

The international accounts for an optional initial ' ' and country code. Valid matches would be: My gut feeling is reinforced by the amount of replies to this topic - that there is a virtually infinite number of solutions to this problem, none of which are going to be elegant.

If you're talking about form validation, the regexp to validate correct meaning as well as correct data is going to be extremely complex because of varying country and provider standards. I interpret the question as looking for a broadly valid pattern, which may not be internally consistent - for example having a valid set of numbers, but not validating that the trunk-line, exchange, etc. North America is straightforward, and for international I prefer to use an 'idiomatic' pattern which covers the ways in which people specify and remember their numbers: The North American pattern makes sure that if one parenthesis is included both are.

Hello, I am very new to PHP, so I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am making a contact form with Name, Email and Phone text boxes.

If he does not want to give it to you then forcing him to enter a valid number will either send him to a competitor's site or make him enter a random string that fits your regex.

$ If the user wants to give you his phone number, then trust him to get it right.

And while stripping all/most non-numeric characters may work well on the server side (especially if you are planning on passing these values to a dialer), you may not want to thrash the user's input during validation, particularly if you want them to make corrections in another field.

My test script downloads a file from the internet and prints all the phone numbers in it. Maintaining a complex rule-set which could be outdated at any point in the future by any country in the world does not sound fun.

Although the answer to strip all whitespace is neat, it doesn't really solve the problem that's posed, which is to find a regex. '; my @tests = ( "1-234-567-8901", "1-234-567-8901 x1234", "1-234-567-8901 ext1234", "1 (234) 567-8901", "1.234.567.8901", "1/234/567/8901", "12345678901", "not a phone number" ); foreach my $num (@tests) # # Extract all phone numbers from an arbitrary file.

123 Validation Results Result from is Possible Number() true Result from is Valid Number() true Formatting Results E164 format 61299999999 Original format 61 2 9999 9999 National format (02) 9999 9999 International format 61 2 9999 9999 Out-of-country format from US 011 61 2 9999 9999 Out-of-country format from CH 00 61 2 9999 9999 Unless you are certain that you are always going to be accepting numbers from one locale, and they are always going to be in one format, I would heavily suggest not writing your own code for this, and using libphonenumber for validating and displaying phone numbers.

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