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Here is a bit of my log so that you can familiarize yourself with my work in the Extraconventional Sciences.

“They pulled [Ted] aside and said, ‘We are so sorry. ’ They’ve been the best grandparents ever since.” For Octavia, who is HIV positive, letting her husband care for her and keeping her husband HIV negative are both part of the intimacy.

I seek someone with a car who is willing to be a part of this for the experience alone so that I can continue my research.

I would need frequent conveyance to areas around Ware and occasional more distant destinations.

Dominic.when your ready for some good sex leave me a message..until then it will be a come true hopefully.

hope you have a high sex drive and are very kinky???? when you did it last time i was still wondering if it was you or not. my best friend’s mother is having a heart surgery with a possible lethal outcome tonight…i know you may have ‘prior engagements’ and your 'wife’ may try to cut me with a butcher knife for asking you this, but if you wanna ask me how i’m doing, you may hear a good answer for a change.

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