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What is meant by validating parking

In our youth we relied on approval from outside sources. It’s how we knew we were loved and part of a community.As participants in this program, merchants to purchase parking coupons to issue to customers who spend or more in merchandise or services at their establishment.

Step 1) Park at a garage with the Park SJ Validation symbol Step 2) Take the parking ticket from the dispenser and keep it with you.

Step 3) Look for the Park SJ Validation symbol in the windows of businesses that offer parking validation. Step 4) Validate your ticket at a participating business – Participating retailers will either issue you one rose-colored validation coupon to be used in conjunction with your parking entry ticket, or the business will validate your parking entry ticket using a validation machine.

Please remember to inform your customer about which parking facility your establishment is able to validate parking for.

Customers may only use one validation coupon per parking session.

We sometimes let the noise of institutions and other people drown out our own voices.

Western culture puts a great deal of pressure on us to look a certain way, to follow specific metrics for success, and to live a particular lifestyle.

There is no cash value for parking charges less than .

These coupons are only valid at City-owned garages.

To establish a validation account, a minimum number of monthly validations are required, which amount is to be determined at the sole description of Republic Parking/DDA.

Request to open an account must be submitted seven (7) days in advance of anticipated use.

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    People want to be validated. All of us. We want to be seen and heard. We want to be thought about and thanked. We want to be understood. Validation makes us feel accepted and reassured. The need for validation is powerful. It can result in us over-servicing, worrying, trying to please everyone, and not feeling like what.…

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    Sep 15, 2014. Here, “validate” has the “sanction” meaning a validation sticker or stamp confirms the bearer's right to park in a private lot or garage. I couldn't determine when this usage first cropped up, or who the original parking-validator was. I'd love to know. And because I survived the Psychobabble Era, I know.…